The bank of life

Blood is a biological element that expires, which is why donations are needed on a regular basis and not just when there are accidents, catastrophes or attacks. More than 250,000 donations were made in Catalonia last year, but more are needed

Ahmad Basal

The Palmira pastry shop


‘If it isn’t about people then it isn’t even theatre’

The British theatre director gives us an insight into his work as he returns to Catalonia for the Temporada Alta festival with his Russian company to perform Twelfth NightYou are a regular at the festival....

Jordi Roca and Alejandra Rivas

Gelateria Rocambolesc

Maribel Bover

Maribel Bover school of dance

Here to stay

Why did you leave Catalonia?Because I wanted to become a professional writer and I thought this was the perfect country.Why did you choose Iceland?Jules Verne said the hole in the centre of the Earth is...

Marcela Topor
from the editor
Marcela Topor

New season brings hope and euphoria

Matthew Tree
Long-term resident
Matthew Tree


Neil Stokes
Neil Stokes

Saving lives can be quick, easy and very gratifying

Barney Griffiths
Barney Griffiths

The victim card

random thoughts. terry parris

Saluting the divinity in each of us

viewpoint. brett hetherington
Journalist and writer/

Evolution’s forgotten man

Case to Supreme Court


World outraged by migrant slave trade


Starbucks arsonists get off lightly

The four youths who set fire to and damaged a Starbucks outlet near the plaça Catalunya in Barcelona during the general strike of 2012 will have to pay a fine of only €13,000 in total, including compensation...

Ahmad Basal

The Palmira pastry shop

Jordi Roca and Alejandra Rivas

Maribel Bover

When life chooses for you

A city that needs a lifetime

Here to stay

A simple gesture that saves lives

Enric Contreras
Hospital services director of the Catalan Blood and Tissue Bank

'Healthy people have a civic duty to give blood'

The bank of life

Miquel Crespi

'We help actors overcome their fears'

Vicenç Altaió

On the legacy of Joan Brossa

Taking tradition to the stage

The autumn booklist

daniel pALOMERAS. GP and writer

A murderer on the Costa Brava

British Barcelona


Bitter but versatile

Wine as an experience to remember


Cal Cuc

Driverless cars: who will pay the price?

Quantum leap

THE YOUTUBE phenomenom

Profession: YouTuber

Barcelona, September 2017
Photo: ACN

Sep 11, 2017: the definitive Diada?

Barcelona, July 2017
Photo: Fund. Catalunya-La Pedrera

Art transforms life

Girona, June 2016
Photo: quim puig

The night of bonfires and coca

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