From Renoir to Miralda

The exhibition season sees an autumn of big-name artists, including Picasso, Oteiza, Lluïsa Vidal and Duchamp

Kim Tattoo

Tattoo artist

Down to the Wigan River

Why did you leave Catalonia?We had a child and my husband's working hours meant he wouldn't see enough of him. He worked in a state school and then a private language academy. He only got home after 10...


B·COME studio

Working for ethical fashion

The city of eternal spring Foto:Arxiu

The city of eternal spring

Why did you leave Catalonia?For work. I have a doctorate in psychology and I'm a researcher and specialist in occupational health and health organizations. In 2012 I was offered a position to lead a challenging...


Enric Sala


Marcela Topor
from the editor
Marcela Topor

Into an uncertain future

Martin Kirby
Martin Kirby

I'm going into hiding

Neil Stokes
Neil Stokes

A very good year, or was it?

Barney Griffiths
Barney Griffiths

Cinema etiquette

Matthew Tree
Long-term resident
Matthew Tree

Trumped up

The English Culture Club article of the month
Àngels Oliva

New school, new objectives

Colau revindicates role cities can play

What will “Brexit” cost?


Duped customers lose money and trip home

Jordi Reverter

Kim Tattoo


B·COME studio

Northern lights

Down to the Wigan River

The city of eternal spring Foto:Arxiu

The city of eternal spring

Americans in Catalonia have their say

A dirty campaign

Temporada Alta 25 years young

Andrea, and all that jazz

On the road to recovery

A Catalan Kiwi on screen

Land of the Moor

Echoes of modernity

Going to bed with the Devil

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Costers del Segre

november food programme. CUINA magazine

Winter's on the horizon, time to get out

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Alella

Futuroscope.  Foto:ARCHIVE

Step into the future

Tesla's Model 3  Foto:EFE
article of the month

The mother of all inventions

Luminescent wearables developed at Eurecat centres

Second skin

catalonia, october

Mad about mushrooms

Ville d'Angers, 2014 Foto:Thierry Bonnet
Ville d'Angers, 2014
Photo: Thierry Bonnet

An explosion of colour

Girona, May, 2016
Photo: quim puig

A city in bloom

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