Isabel Batlle Rocha.

A land of opportunity

Mariona Mateu Carles
Musician from Sant Genís

A land of music lovers

Bàrbara Roviró
Teacher Educator for Foreign Language

A land of opportunity

Marc Femenia Nobell. catalonia today.

Just one of the locals

Mariona Casals Cases.
Project Manager

Straight from the heart

Mariona Trias Campaña. gemma busquets.
is from Banyoles, Pla de l’Estany. Mariona moved to Barcelona when she was 17, where she started her studies in Hair/Makeup/Special FX. In 2001, she went to live in New York for a year and a half, where she continued her studies. She’s married to Jan, from Mexico, and they have twin boys: Roc and Klaus. They moved to London six years ago

Non-stop London