French NGOs in court over climate change

Four French NGOs took the French government to court yesterday over what they deem “inaction” with regards to obligations on climate change. Greenpeace France, The Nicola Hulot Foundation, Notre Affaire à Tous and Oxfam France filed a lawsuit - backed by over 2 million signatures - at the Paris Administrative Tribunal, to “confirm the faults and errors” of the government, and force them to act. Cécile Duflot, current head of Oxfam France, said “our state is governed by the rule of law, so the state itself must be able to be forced to act by law”. The NGOs believe the state has not respected its obligations to cut greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency or develop renewable energy to reduce the risks of climate change. This action in France is part of a global week of actions and mobilizations around climate change, and follows a high-profile visit by activist Greta Thunberg.

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