random thoughts

Anticipation and opportunity

My random thoughts for July arrive in analogies, that is, comparisons between things that have similar features, often used to help explain a principle or an idea. The idea in this case is that, for me, July is all about waiting for August; not shouting, not ’in your face’, just waiting in anticipation – anticipation for something that may have a surprising result, an opening that could lead to something magnificent.

Firstly dear reader, I would like you to imagine yourself comfortably sitting in an opera house, waiting with some expectation for the overture. The house lights lower and the orchestra, having tuned up, begins... you are open, receptive, feeling the warmth of the invitation. That, for me, is July; not the open, ecstatic arms heralding the August of summer. Not the brilliant days by the sea, stretched out on the yellow sands. Not this, not that, but the excitement before an event.

Shakespeare, in ’Troilus and Cressida’, as ever, expressed it more forcefully, giving a clear picture, in this case, of the expectations of love:

I am giddy, expectation whirls me round,

The imaginary relish is so sweet

That it enchants my sense.

A final analogy that comes to mind for this month is the image of the extended arms of a favourite uncle inviting a child to come and be swooped up into the air. There’s trust, but also excitement at what may happen. These examples are of an opening, a new beginning, a beginning that, if accepted, may be full of surprises. ’Wait’, it says to you. ’Accept’, it says to you, ’and see what happens’. If one can open oneself to the opportunity of something new in one’s life. Have the daring to say ’Yes’! Surprises may follow!

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