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Never too late

I haven't been able to get to the coast this summer so it was marvellous to be sitting reading on a second-floor back-balcony of the Hotel Spa Empuries while my intrepid daughter was braving the cold choppy...

Headquarters of the BBC in London.  EFE
viewpoint. brett hetherington
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Carefully mischosen words

I'm a huge fan of the UK's public broadcaster, the BBC. It still produces some of the best TV anywhere in the world but one thing it does tests my affection for it. Even after it's been pointed out to...


Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight

Although they are now long gone, this is the first column I've written since 27-S so I find it impossible to address any other issue than the Catalan election results. Naturally, I won't be the only Britalan...

reflections. Frank Bayer

Els Pets, real entrepreneurs

The major value of Els Pets is their ability to transform a defect into a virtue. At the beginning, they were not like those bands who spent their childhood studying music, and probably due to this lack...

tribune. Oriol Martínez

Catalonia's independence will strengthen the European Union, and Spain

One of the fears within the European institutions regarding the Catalan process is that, in the case that Catalonia becomes independent, it would open a Pandora's box and encourage other regions to follow...

from the editor
marcela topor. mtopor@cataloniatoday.cat

Catalonia's date with destiny approaches

Elections for the Catalan parliament will take place on September 27. Yet they will be no ordinary elections, but will serve as a plebiscite on the right to decide Catalonia's future. Thus, the main sovereignty...

els bastards

A game of guessing

Everything surrounding the filming of Game of Thrones is cloaked in secrecy. That is even more the case now that the TV series has caught up with the books it is based on, by George R.R. Martin. With filming...


Not one to miss out on

So, finally the moment of truth is almost upon us. Soon the long-awaited September 27 elections will be here and voters in Catalonia will get a (sort of) chance to decide the future of the country. Naturally,...

Bob Dylan in a recent concert this summer.  MARTÍ E. BERENGUER
Tribune. brett hetherington
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I have to ask: where have all the sad and angry songs gone?

I heard a French song on the radio the other day. It sounded like one of those lovely ballads from around the time of the Second World War, and it had a melody and lyrics that were sung with just enough...


Good grace

Grace: it's a name that has fallen out of favour in the UK, associated as it is with Victorian flounced skirt-wearing ladies and Dickensian drawing rooms. If we ignore the archaic religious meanings and...