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Learning about life

Education, education, education – let's turn up the tension. Well, it's September, the month when a great swathe of society (children, young adults, their families and teachers) have to get their heads...

Long-term resident
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Garden concert

In my salad days I couldn't stand the sound of Bob Dylan, what with his wailing voice and whining harmonica and labyrinthine lyrics. Equally irritating was the hyperbolic assumption of just about everyone...

The Via Lliure has to be a success

With days until this year's Diada (September 11), inscriptions for the Via Lliure cap a la República Catalana continue. This year's celebration is special because it coincides with the start of a historic...

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Enjoy the summertime blues

During the summer, every day seems like it is Sunday, and we often switch off from our jobs while our obligations seem less important. As a result, if you have shared enjoyable holidays with your family,...

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Selfies and sharing

I've just seen a headline on a woman's magazine: 'Look Great in Selfies'! Heavens, whatever for? It enrages me. Surely 'selfies' means taking photographs of yourself by yourself. Whatever for? You can...

An exodus that cannot be sustained

The largest migratory exodus in Europe since World War II, which has now been taking place for months from the South-East and Eastern Mediterranean and whose cause is the widespread conflict existing in...

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Catalonia, country of festivals

Every year, Catalonia becomes a cultural hub in Europe thanks to its summer festivals, which just seem to grow each year. Music, stage arts, cinema, there is something for everyone in summer, including...


There's no place like home

I 've always wanted to see India, and visit the jungle-bound pyramids of South America. I've always imagined striding across Red Square or surfing at Bondi Beach. Yet, as 50 approaches, I realise I have...

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Catalonia's appeal to foreign investors

Since the early days of the so-called Catalan process, much has been said about the effects of the turmoil that would be provoked by the eventual independence of this region, in particular concerning the...

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Unexpected visitors

Who says nothing ever happens in the country? I'd had a busy day last Tuesday: shopping in Vic with my daughter ; home to give lunch for three of the family;a general sort-out in the teaching room... 'Time...