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Stepping out of a shadow

OOMPH. What hit me?April 12. After a late lunch I fulfilled a promise to myself, veered away from the office and wandered cheerfully up the farm to the top terraces. With the sunshine on my shoulder I...

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Being civil

Hearsay has it that some readers of this magazine have complained to the management that it dwells in unnecessary depth on the issue of Catalan independence. So, specially for those grousers, here is yet...

The Brink:Pablo Shreiber, Jack Black, Tim Robbins and Aaasif Mandvi i a new political comedy series by HBO. ARCHIVE
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A new season of series for summertime

Summer means three long months of abstinence for series-lovers, doesn't it? Not anymore. In recent years, US TV channels have been scheduling a good number of series, and from what I have read, this summer...


Degrees of compassion

It's a theme I've addressed before, but then something happened recently that made me reflect on it further: the degree and scope of collective spirit inherent in my adopted culture. It came to the fore...

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Educating our kids about corruption

By tolerating misbehaviour at the highest level of politics, we run the risk of perpetuating a corrupt system that only sees stealing as wrong if the perpetrator is actually caught in the act

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Hard to believe

Remember, little children are not too little to go hell.” These are words from a new picture book published by a Puritan organisation in the US last month. The book, whose title I will not reveal so...

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Catalonia's contribution to the world

Catalonia is a venerable nation but one without a modern state to support it and present it to the world. Many of its contributions to history have gone unnoticed, even by it own people. Sometimes, these...


A day all about George

Whenever an historical figure is associated with a place, things can get out of hand. Famous figures attract attention and it is only normal that an influx of visitors keen on seeing birthplaces, artefacts...

Zubizarreta and Luis Enrique

The past, present and future

Those who know him say he is loyal to his own. Andthat he has always been like that. Without reneging on his principles and managing the group in his own way, Luis Enrique has overcome the obstacles he...

Brigitte Nyborg is the star of the show
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Borgen, a lesson in authentic politics

I have a confession to make. People had been recommending Borgen to me for months, but I couldn't really be bothered. A Danish television series, forget about it! Then one day, working on a report about...