Teenagers, as much as it hurts us, we need to let go/ ELISABETH MAGRE
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English teacher and journalist

Teenagers and frustration

If we want to bring our teenagers up better, we need to give them the chance to face their own failure. I say that because we always wish for the happiness of our children and sometimes, to achieve this...

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Independence and Catalan business

I remember a childhood joke that said the best way to get through the jungle is to carry a rock. That way, if a lion appears you can drop the rock and therefore run faster. This seems to be the situation...

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The pros and cons of weaning

The word 'wean' has been a lot on my mind lately, probably because a grand-daughter has recently had the intention of weaning her baby daughter. I looked up the verb in the dictionary and read that there...


Second chances

My wife's birthday is on a holiday, so if I want to send a surprise bunch of flowers to her place of work, it has to arrive the day before. Not that I've done that before, but it is what I decided to do...

brett hetherington

TTIPing us over the edge

While we are all going about our daily business this month, big business is going about trying to make sure that Europe is run purely in its interest.If agreed to by the European parliament, the new Free...

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Matthew tree

The elect

God only knows how many UK general elections I sat through with my father, who loved them, even though he had spent most of his life voting Labour in a mainly Conservative constituency and had therefore...

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May, a key month for political panorama

This issue's main feature is dedicated to fashion and the new summer trends, which feature an explosion of colour, stripes and denim, inspired by the '70s. We're also proud to celebrate six months of English...


Anyone up for a bit of sport?

People who hate sport cannot understand what sports fans see in it. While lovers of sport know that the people who hate sport are simply misguided (guess which side I'm on). However, what cannot be denied...

Scenes from the installation.

A singular contribution

The filmmaker will present his exploration of the hi-tech age with the audiovisual installation ‘Singularity' for the Catalan pavilion in the Biennale festival in Venice this year

Stela commemorating the victims of the March 24 Germanwings airplane crash in Le Vernet.  AFP
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Germanwings, depression and blame

The recent Germanwings tragedy has naturally been the focus for countless media stories. Many of us in Catalonia know people who were acquainted with victims and their families but there is another personal...