The officers investigating the case. ITV
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A welcome return to Broadchurch

If there was one series that took the English-speaking TV market by surprise in 2013 it was Broadchurch. Initially a modest production, it soon had an audience of nine million and was the object of great...

gallery. Terry parris


The dictionary meaning of ‘concept' is an idea of a class of objects ; general notion (eg. the concept of evolution). A New Year visit to neighbours, here in the foothills of the Pyrenees, has shown...

Podemos, a party claiming to be an alternative to the established political system.  EFE
Tribune. brett hetherngton
Journalist and writer

Why go the public way? (Part one)

If tomorrow the government for some reason disappeared and we were all left without a system of state would it in fact be such a bad thing? There are people across the planet (and especially in the USA)...

tribune. Anna Garófano Nogueras
Member of the Economy Section of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) Portfolio and Product Specialist Associate

What's with low yields?

I could not imagine a better time for Catalan independence. Besides massive popular support, besides the unconditional backing of civil society, and the centrality of the issue in the political arena,...

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marcela topor

Political abuse in a time of change

The political situation and the crisis afflicting the country is complicated enough without adding more fuel to the fire. However, there is one phenomenon that has emerged with force, and that is conditioning...


Unsung heroes of the word

A new year, a new column. After 12 months of beating the drum for Catalonia's upcoming sports stars, it's time for a change of tack with a brand new column for 2015. Given my 'privileged' position at the...



Deep breath, because this one's a biggie, and I could easily fall off my tightrope. Here goes…what sets good educators apart from the rest? And is there some cultural difference that makes it easier...


The great lie (and what to do about it)

My children are pretty wise to our family's economic fragility.“Economising” here on our little farm in the Priorat is a word in common usage and, when we are mindful, it is far from depressing.We...

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Matthew tree

Hit it

Three, maybe four, years ago, a friend gave me – or lent me, I can't remember – a book of stories ('Haunted', 2005) by Chuck Palahniuk. I didn't touch the thing, put off as I was by some unexciting...

Black Friday sales in the centre of Girona.  ICONNA/ GLÒRIA SÁNCHEZ
tribune. Brett Hetherington

Are the best things in life no longer free?

Just last month we witnessed the latest craze to arrive from the USA. Without any doubt, the Black Friday sales will now become an annual event and will almost certainly grow in intensity each year. If...