City of dazzling cafés

Barcelona’s location as a port and Catalonia’s as a terra de pas (crossroads) opened up the city and the country to other cultures, whether it be French and Spanish armies, Latin American novelists, Picasso from Málaga, art nouveau – or food from Italy and France

Know the enemy

The Spanish title of this book written in English sums up an argument that Spain’s history is one of violent conflict. Surely not a surprise to Catalonia Today readers. We are well educated (or indoctrinated?) to understand that the Spanish state’s reaction when its unstable unity is threatened has historically been violent towards Catalonia


In 2014, Italian writer Andrea Camilleri received the ninth Premi Pepe Carvalho, an annual award that was set up by Barcelona city council to honour the life’s work of a crime novelist. It was no ordinary...

Vicent Marqués
Author of ‘History of Catalan and Occitan Cuisine’

“The climate and local products are what define a country’s cuisine”

How did this project to trace the history of Catalan and Occitan cuisine come about?I was interested in cookery from a young age and over the years I bought the few books there were on traditional cuisine....

When garlic breath is haute literature

In a Catalan anthology of his stories, Mares i fills, Irish narrator Colm Tóibín speaks of family, sexuality and exile

A week of records for Catalan Book Week

The 37th Catalan Book Week will take place on L’avinguda de la Catedral, from 6 to 15 September, with more bookstores, publishers, new activities and book signings than ever before

Yet another country

On April 23rd of this year, Catalonia’s Book Day, a group of some fifteen international observers of this event - journalists and MPs from all over the continent - had supper in Barcelona together with...

Close to the truth

This collection of fourteen tales set in Barcelona is one of a long-lasting O.U.P. series: Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Lisbon, among several others, precede it. The collections are aimed at giving cultural tourists a literary background to the cities. They are tales for holiday-makers, readable in snatches

A new world in their hearts

This short novel is like a series of hammer blows. Arranged in five notebooks, each notebook ordered in numbered paragraphs, with every paragraph starting ‘And’ to drive the narrative forward, the book strikes the reader with force, pace and a clear stream of prose

The mother of all KITCHENS

Joan Roca publishes ‘Cuina mare’, a recipe book celebrating traditional cooking and values