The city of water and stone where I was born

In the most intense five days of her life to that point, as Catalonia's revolution of July 1936 explodes, a 22-year-old Helen changes from being a visiting journalist to become a committed radical

By the book in 2017

Jaume Cabré is top among the most anticipated releases for the first part of the year, with Rafel Nadal, Sílvia Soler, Ian McEwan, Jean Echenoz and Yasmina Reza

Land of the Moor

A motoring voyager incites as much curiosity for her journey as she has herself for the city of Vinaròs

Echoes of modernity

A book reflects on the influence of Hollywood movies in the lifestyle and in the change of attitudes of women in the twenties and thirties

Going to bed with the Devil

The next of our profiles on English-language novels set in Catalonia is Jessica's Cornwell first novel, and the first of a trilogy – the second part is due out in 2017 – which creates a world that is rooted in medieval alchemy, including coded documents and witch-hunts, and is interwoven with a series of murders committed in modern Barcelona

The English Don Quixote

On the 400th anniversary of Cervantes' death, professor Bartolomé analyses his influence on Anglo-Saxon authors

A young girl browses on of the book stands at last year's edition of the book fair.  ALBERT SALAMÉ

Four kilometres of book shelves

The Setmana del Llibre en Català returns this September with more activities and more exhibitors and with the aim of encouraging reading among young people especially

Cheap beer, Barcelona's principal tourist attraction. Arxiu

Avoiding the Sagrada Família

Every year, thousands of young men and women flock to Barcelona just because it's a cool place to live. What destiny awaits them in this city of legend? They usually end up teaching English, though they may never have faced a classroom in their lives.

Nancy Cox and the cover of her book, Pleasant Days in Spain.  ARCHIVE

A city with charm

A bustling day in the enchanting city of Barcelona delights a well-travelled Amercian sculptor

Mallorca the Magnificent (New York, 1927 ARCHIVE

Waxing lyrical

A philanthropist from the US takes time from her wartime work to paint a picture of Mallorca with her words