Not only possible, but also necessary

There are still those who maintain that the independence of Catalonia from Spain is not possible. However, the independence of Catalonia is not only possible from an economic, legal and political point...

Women’s balancing act

The pandemic has made it clear that women still carry the main burdens in the family

The world goes back to school

On September 14, face-to-face classes return to schools amid government assurances that classrooms are safe and families’ fears that they will become a hotbed of contagion for children. This will be no normal, or easy, school year

Octavi Bono
Catalan Director General of Tourism

Many people will prefer natural spaces

The effects of Covid-19 on tourism, which represents 12% of Catalonia’s GDP and 14% of employment, have been devastating. According to a report by the University of Barcelona, direct losses in turnover...

Discovering Girona’s Jewish legacy

March 1492. The Catholic Monarchs issue the Alhambra Decree in Granada, ordering the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. In Girona, in June of the same year, the authorities announce that the city’s Jewish...