Who are you looking at?

I’ve never been much of a fighter, and I’m certainly less so now at my age, but I reckon I could have taken Franco. Mano a mano, I don’t think he would have stood a chance against me. Pau Gasol is...


Les Terres ALTES

Eyes and minds turn to the far north-east of Europe, to the rugged land beyond Hadrian’s Wall.We as a family are already there, deep into the glens, the roots and the clans of the Stewarts, Wilsons and...

Long-term resident

Death of the salesmen

Once upon a time (well, 2005) a group of Catalan intellectuals – most of them university professors - together with the odd Spaniard put their names to a ‘Manifesto In Favour of a New Political Party...

“The King abdicates”

If the monarchy is not a conventional institution, is the monarch entitled to conventional behaviour, like marrying for love as opposed to marrying for duty or “professional” arrangements? Can he lose...

Catalan clubs with cause for optimism

The presenter of El Punt Avui TV’s The Week in Football, Barney Griffiths, runs the rule over how Catalonia’s leading clubs are faring in this most abnormal of football seasons